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The Lost Room: 1st Post

Wow-- haven't posted here in a while. Lost Room Icons, since there are just not enough out there. These are from episodes 5 and 6, so include spoilers. I highly highly recommend this too-short mini-- another amazing production by Lionsgate that SciFi failed to pick up.

It opens every door...Collapse )


Tutorial: Screening Dark Backgrounds

Screening Light effects: From to

It's not too complicated if you have Photoshop... GIMP might also have screen under its image effects.

under the cut...Collapse )


Not Just Bob, Today.

A multi-character post! I've been having so much fun with Morgan and Mai that i ended up downloading and playing with a few caps. Morgan turned out really colorful, and Mai... not so much. :D. Textures by xonlyashesx and caps by Chaotic-Creative, except for 22-24, which i found on the SciFi forums in a post on Bob's manacles. Want, Take, Have! However, no hotlinking. *thinks this should be obvious by now* *hugs*

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Icon Post: All Kinds of Bob

Hello, lovelies! So, Bob icons have been being made, slowly, as i have been pondering my way through the subtext of Skull and Key-- a delicious process with all sorts of side benefits... And i wanted to share. Included is the wonderful shot of bearded Terry from moonchildetoo which i got to playing with... quite a bit, actually... *tee hees*

Credit on pretty textures to awmpdotnet and colorfilter and scratchy texture to scrapbookart

Thanks for everything. Take, have, love.

Mmm... apples!Collapse )

16 Bob Icons (sensing a theme here...)

Many thanks to the fabulous roguedemonhunte for tutorials that rock the world. I've been playing with gradients more, and with a b/w layer to kick up the shadows. Textures are from GrungeTextures. And, well, I'd like to say that i've been playing with Bob, but, alas... ;). Here you go.

No Hotlinking.
Comments and Credit are love.


Death. Depravity. Horror. ...the suburbs.Collapse )

Route 66 Icons

I blame Rath.


Well, she's not totally at fault, but the road conversations did contribute :). So, a set of Route 66 icons... because i want so badly to be out on the road again. The pic with the dog is one taken by neat gal in Saint Louis, Shellee Graham-- the others shamelessly lifted from random sources. Been playing with gradient layer a lot, and levels. Well, levels.

Hotlinking: bad.
You know the rest... *kisses*

mother roadCollapse )


Look! Bob! Caps from eps 4-7 now (there is no Bob in 8 *scorns 8*). Terry Mann does *glee* like a maniac. The lighting is a bitch-- always candlelight and shadows. Beautiful, but it tends to wash out the details, and punching them back out again has required hours of staring fiddling with the adjustment layers. It's been torturous.

I are sick, brain puddle 'o mush, so feel free to use textless icons as bases...

A kidney would be good. A heart would be fanTAStik.Collapse )

Bob spelled backwards is Guh.

So, witness my newest addiction. Not that Ghostrider has stepped by the wayside... oh no. This just means i have 1Gb of brain capacity to do all of my other life-type stuff. Which means i'm eating ramen noodles and finding myself in the shower with my clothes still on, or staring into the fridge while clutching a butter knife. For hours.

Thanks, Mouse. ;).

I love Bob. Bob is so beautiful in the golden candlelight he so frequently steps into. I don't like to mess with it, so i just turn up the highlights and tweak the red levels... leave the green alone. Also didn't have a lot to say... if you would like to use the textless icons for bases, feel free, but please credit me for the bases, natch.


Overthrow the villain... save the damsel... hurrah.Collapse )

a handful of Moonstruck

I am not ever going to be one of those people that make 30 icons in one posting. This isn't fatalism, truly-- i just understand the limits of my patience and/or inventiveness, for now. Right now i'm just fascinated by the process of it all. So this is a notes journal, but please feel free to take the icons, too! Represented here: cross-processing, inverted lightening, and animation with zoom-text.

So, here's what i learned.Collapse )